If you don’t get the email you were expecting and find that filtering was skipped, this article will show you what to do next. First, you or your email admin have determined that an email message is blocked after looking at the tags. Here’s the full notification:

safe and blocked sender list1
Filtering was skipped and the message was blocked because it was sent from an address on an individual’s blocked sender list.

After this determination, you will need to check your block list to find that blocked sender.

1. If you are not already logged into your email, go to Outlook and log in.

2. Click on the gear icon in the top right of your email.

safe and blocked sender list2

3. Type block in the search field.

safe and blocked sender list3

4. Click on Block or allow text that comes up.

safe and blocked sender list4

5. Remove the email from the blocked sender’s window and add it to the safe senders and recipients window if it’s not already there.

safe and blocked sender list5

6. Click save up at the top.

safe and blocked sender list6

7. You can click the left arrow and the top left of the page to return to your inbox.

safe and blocked sender list7

That’s it! It’s a pretty simple procedure.

However, filtering was skipped before, so you or your email admin need to verify whether additional emails from the sender can get through your email spam filter without issue.