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Real cyber security awareness for real people.
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Security Awareness Topics

The following shows some of the many important topics we’ll cover on Super Security Awareness:

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Social Networking

Your friends list is best suited by your friends, acquaintances, and professional contacts.

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Account Security

Protect your accounts with a strong password and MFA. Ensure your sessions stay yours.

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Content Sharing

Evaulate the digital footprint you leave and make sure you are sharing what is intended.

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Red Flag Awareness

Raise your social engineering defense so your brain isn’t hackable by other humans.

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File Backups

Your files are best when they’re available. Back them up to make sure they’re reachable.

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File and Service Protection

Keep your computer and the files therein safe by using security software.

Recommended Courses

Learn the basics of cybersecurity awareness with this security awareness course curriculum. More to come!

Security Awareness for Normal Employees

Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees

This security awareness training course will not only give you the “what” to look out for but also the “why” and how the “what” works.

After taking this course, you’ll be armed with knowledge on protecting yourself and your organization from threats.

Surprisingly, the biggest change will probably not be to start but stop doing certain things. You’ll be surprised at how some of your behavior is risky, even without you realizing you were doing it.

Email Security for Normal People

How to Identify and Combat Spam and Phishing Emails

Email remains an incredibly important personal and business communication tool. Email is crucial to protect an account that touches so many other online accounts.

Email scams are on the rise year after year, but it’s not hopeless. There are ways to protect yourself. By putting the basics in place, you can lower your account exposure. And with lower exposure, you will be less likely to fall victim to an email scam.

Stay safe online – sign up for our online course today and learn how to make yourself more resilient to email scammers!

Blog Posts With Actionable Content

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You may have seen this type of security awareness information before. But maybe this time, something will click, and you will see how things actually work. This is a game of perspective.


Consider how scams change in the wild


Default to "no" or ignore unsolicited messages completely

What People Are Saying

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I learned something new despite thinking I knew almost everything about security.



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This really helps me refreshed my knowledge and I am able to learn more than what I currently know.



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